Ali Robinson, Triathlete

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Ali Robinson, Triathlete

Guest blog by Ali Robinson

Introducing Ali Robinson, triathlete

This is the first Lucy Bee followers will have heard from me so please let me introduce myself , I’m Ali, a professional triathlete who races around the world in long and middle distance events.

Starting out

While I have been a keen sports person all my life, dabbling with many activities from hockey to rock climbing I got into high level sport relatively late when I graduated University in 2005. After getting serious about my cycling in my final year while on industrial placement in France I had the option to pursue a career in Electronics or have a go at cycling full time with the help of some national funding. At 22 years old I chose the latter and that took care of the next 8 years of my life!

In that time I won two national championships along with numerous other titles and results but I also suffered several major injuries. In 2012 I was forced to introduce running and swimming into my training to help with rehabilitation and as I wasn’t fit to race the bike in the latter half of the season I entered some triathlons for fun to fulfil my need for competition.


A 2nd place and a 1st in my first two events left me keen to try more. In addition the training suited me better and overall left me feeling much more balanced athletically than cycling; so roll on 2013 and the decision to switch my focus to triathlon. My first season went well and I received the required endorsement from British Triathlon to compete as a professional in 2014.

With the demands of training and racing and also considering my long term health outside of the sport Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Coconut oil is an integral part of my diet (of which I will write more later) and I am delighted to have their support for 2014.

You can see what I am up to by following me @alitriathlon or check out my webpage;



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