An Update from Dan Halksworth Ironman

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An Update from Dan Halksworth Ironman

Guest Blog by Dan Halksworth

Dan Halksworth Ironman Updates Us on His Training

Training has been going well. Part of my training has involved a lot of local bike and run races seeing me get good times and positions so I am very happy with where things are at.

I’ve recently returned from a race in Mallorca and thoroughly enjoyed my quick trip and would love to go back again to race or train. So much more going on, lots of different training routes and locals that seem to have respect for cyclists. I was lucky enough to stay at Ferrer hotels which was located about 9km away from Alcudia. Here I was able to train in their 25m pool – perfect!

The goal for the weekend was to swim solidly and then ride at a certain wattage for the ride. The swim went to plan coming out second.

This was my first time riding to power in the race. Everything went pretty smoothly. I lost a bit of time on the descent not knowing the corners but for the first time I didn’t panic and slowly reeled them in working to my power and knowing what I can and cannot hold.

Coming in to transition I was feeling pretty comfortable for the run. First lap of the run was good which I am pleased with. The second and third I struggled with. Not a problem, I know thanks to Steve (my trainer) what phase I am in and my bike is what we have been working on and looking at recent TT and road race results things are going well and will hopefully only get better.

Had a very quick turn around after the race, finished at 12 and was on the bus at 13.50 for my flight home. Wanted to be home for Sunday as it was the Commonwealth Games baton visiting Jersey. Very proud moment for me and it was the first time that I have realised how close the games are.

What Lies Ahead...

This year is a big one! Next up is 70.3 Austria, we have a slightly different race plan as we are testing the water in different areas and trying new things.

Over the last few days I have had a few problems with my back but I am on the mend and looking forward to this weekend’s Half Ironman in Austria. I also have the UK half ironman coming up in a few weeks so will be great to race on home soil.

A note from Lucy,

Isn't it great hearing how athletes train - sounds a great life but I know a lot of hard work goes into it! Keep up the good work Dan and we look forward to you sharing your future successes with us,

Lucy X

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