A Triathlete's Winter Training

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Posted: 17/12/2014 Print

A Triathlete's Winter Training

Guest blog from Holly Lawrence, Triathlete

An Update on Winter Training from Holly Lawrence

I'm currently just over half way through a two week training camp in the windy island of Fuerteventura, getting some relief from the British winter weather and getting some solid miles in the bank in the sunshine.

To give you a little taste of what a hard training week on camp looks like for a triathlete... The last week included 16hrs riding, 7hrs of running, 9hrs of swimming and 2hrs conditioning! The focus while I am out here is biking and getting in a lot more mileage than normal and doing a lot of climbing in the mountains to build strength.

Winter Training in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is living up to its windy reputation making the riding extra hard at times and some of the mountain descents a little scary.

Holly after 5x10minute over-gearing hill reps on a 4hr ride Holly after 5x10minute over-gearing hill reps on a 4hr ride

But the sun is out so it's smiles all round, especially when training in the outdoor 50m pool and catching a tan at the same time!

Diet is really important when training hard to make sure I am fuelling my sessions adequately to get the most out of myself during key sessions, as well as not "bonking" (if you are not from cycling this term may seem a little funny) on the bike on a 5hr ride, and nailing recovery strategies after sessions.

Despite only bringing my bike and hand luggage out here packing super light, my big jar of LucyBee coconut oil is an essential I can't and won't live without! I use it in almost everything, like this morning before a morning run with a spoonful in my coffee (which also transforms not-so-great instant coffee into tasting soooo much better!), in my porridge, in cooking and by the spoon!!

Fuel for Training

One thing I have really got into making for the last couple of months is rice cakes, made with risotto or sushi rice to wrap up and take on long bike rides - they are the perfect portable training food. I put LucyBee in with the rice when it's cooking and spread the cooked rice into layers and sandwich with nut butter and fruit spread (all from the Feed Zone portables cookbook).

LB Rice cakes

I love making the most out of real nutritious food especially during this time of the year instead of relying heavily on the energy products that I race with.

I get back to the UK a few days before Christmas, where it will be perfect timing for a bit of downtime with the family and some indulgences. I've seen some really great Xmas recipes using LucyBee that I can't wait to try out. I hope you all have a great Christmas!

Thank you to LucyBee for the continued support, I hear that there will be 1kg jars available soon too....AMAZING!!!!!


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