Triathlete Training And Diet With Holly Lawrence

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Triathlete Training And Diet With Holly Lawrence

Introducing Holly Lawrence, professional triathlete from Swansea.

To compliment my love of healthy, natural foods, I truly believe in the importance of exercise to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. For that reason,  I’m happy to be supporting Holly in her endeavours to reach the top of her sport and look forward to following her progress. Here, Holly shares her training schedule and successes to date.

Lucy X

Guest blog Holly Lawrence 

I'm Holly, I am 23 and a professional triathlete. I have just finished my second season as a full time athlete where I am considered very young especially within the long distance world of triathlon. I am regularly described as the up and coming British talent, some 10 years younger than most of my main competitors.

The road to success

I come from a strong swimming background often exiting the water in the lead during races and my cycling and running is continually improving. This year my achievements have included finishing 2nd in Ironman 70.3 UK, qualifying for the 5150 World Championships in the US for one of the 30 slots and finishing 11th amongst a truly world class field. I also placed 2nd in 5150 Klagenfurt and 4th in 5150 Zurich non-drafting Olympic distance triathlons.

Race Results:2013

French Grand Prix Nice: 15th

5150World Championships: 11th PRO

5150 Zurich European Championships: 4th PRO

Vachery middle distance: 2nd PRO

Ironman 70.3 UK: 2nd Female PRO

5150 Klagenfurt: 2nd Female PRO

Ironman 70.3 Austria (Duathlon): 8th Female PRO

Triathlon de Elche Half (Spain): 1st Female PRO

My long term goal is to reach the very top of this sport and, ultimately, become world champion.

Holly cycling

How to get there

Training wise, a week typically consists of 5 swims, 3-4 bikes, 6-7 runs with strength and conditioning on top. This time of the year it's all about laying the foundations for the next season so there's a big emphasis on a lot of long steady work and putting in the base miles.

Nutrition plays a vital role

With a heavy load of training, nutrition becomes very important, not only getting the right fuel in you that’s needed to perform but also to recover so that you can train day after day and be consistent.

I like to take a holistic approach to nutrition and making healthy decisions about food wherever I can with the help of my nutritionist. I love using Lucy Bee coconut oil as a part of my diet using it in place of other oils in cooking, making my favourite snacks and sometimes in my coffee.


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