Team Wales Women's Hockey

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Team Wales Women's Hockey

Guest blog from Team Wales

Introducing Team Wales Women's Hockey

We play for the Welsh women's hockey team and are currently training for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer.

We've just returned from a squad camp in Italy, up in the mountains near Lake Garda. It was an absolutely stunning place to play and train and gave us a great opportunity to spend time as a team and fine-tune some of our tactics ahead of the biggest competition in the Welsh hockey calendar.

Off to the Commonwealth Games

Our 28 squad members have worked extremely hard over the least 18 months, prepping for Commonwealth Games selection, of which a squad of 16 have been chosen to travel with members of Team Wales to Glasgow on July 18th.

We are amateur athletes so we have to balance training with working full time or studying towards degrees (or even A levels for our youngest team member!)

This often means we're up early to fit in a session before work and then hitting the gym or the pitch on the way home.

Good nutrition is so important to help with our recovery and to ensure we have enough energy to get the through the sessions.

Ria and I discovered Lucy Bee a few months ago and it has been a staple ever since. We both have it every morning in coffee.

We even took a jar with us to Italy and introduced the rest of the team to it, every breakfast conversation featured 'Lucy' in some way and by the end of the week 'Lucy' was standard in everyone's coffee!

This week we're playing in the Investec London Cup at Lea Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We've already played against England and Scotland then tomorrow we play against South Africa - watch this space!

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