Summer Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

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Summer Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

I feel like travelling is one of the biggest challenges to our healthy diets and we are always tempted by the ever-present fast-food restaurants in airports. The reason we constantly feel so sluggish and tired after these long journeys is in part due to the way we choose to nourish ourselves on busy days like these.

Hopefully we can inspire you to take a little extra time to prepare some nice snacks to take with you to travel (however that may be) so you avoid an unhealthy start to a holiday or trip!


Stay Hydrated

Okay, so the first key tip is WATER. Water. Water. We all know how dehydrated our skin and bodies get on planes and our obvious solution is to opt for water rather than some sort of ‘mocha-latte-cappuccino’ to keep your eyes open all day!

You’ll be surprised how much energy you can retain if your body stays hydrated throughout the day, and this means drinking water even before you start to feel thirsty. Now, of course, you can’t take your own water from home, but hey, it’s just about the cheapest drink you are going to find in the airport so that’s not a problem!

Tips for Snacking

The next tip I would say is to fill your hand luggage with some healthy snacks that will deter you from the huge queue in WH Smith for some chocolate and crisps that you definitely don’t need during a morning flight!

Personally, I really love nut bars, which include just a few, natural ingredients. 

Of course, everyone has their own personal preference to snacks, but apples and peanut butter dip is also a fantastic option, and so are bananas. Any healthy snack that you enjoy is a perfect alternative to the endless options of processed foods in airports and train stations.

A Lunch Idea

Now onto the main part. We all would rather a home-made something instead of any sort of plane food, so this is the perfect chance to avoid it!

A gluten free wrap is a personal favourite to take with me on a flight or train, especially if you are going to be travelling over a meal time. The thing with wraps is that they can keep you full for a long time because you can pack them with the right ingredients to satisfy you, plus they're easy to carry in your bag!

Now, personal preference comes into play here, but if I was to suggest a wrap recipe, it would involve some sort of protein (lets say chicken and home-made hummus), along with some salad bits (alfalfa sprouts, shredded carrot, lettuce and peppers) too, because we want to make sure we get those greens in there!

Wraps are also brilliant because they are high in fibre, so you are going to feel ‘fuller’ for longer. A (gluten free) wrap is a much healthier alternative to a sandwich with thick, white bread and is a similar cost.

For all of those students who are constantly on a budget, we also know by now how much cheaper it is to make your own food at home than to eat out, so you will be avoiding the extremely expensive ‘airport prices’ for food.

How to Keep the Rest of Your Body Healthy

So, the actual travelling bit is taken care of but what about everything else?

In advising you in this next part, I’m under the assumption that most of us are travelling to warm climates for the summer. In terms of skin hydration and protection, Lucy Bee unrefined coconut oil is such an amazing product to use as an after-sun lotion. It's got nothing added so great to know your skin's being treated with only the best!

Sun-kissed feet

Whilst on holiday, if you are able to rub a modest amount onto your body after a day in the sun, your skin becomes rehydrated and refreshed, allowing your tan to glow more impressively!

Not only that, but sometimes our scalp can dry out from not enough sun protection. A small amount of Lucy Bee coconut oil rubbed into your scalp can prevent dandruff and will help strengthen the hair follicles too. The ideal time to apply this would be 30 minutes before you shower, so it has time to absorb into the skin and then you can wash it out.

Lucy Bee also makes for the perfect hair conditioner after all that salty water on it so you can still have those luscious locks even after a hard day of floating in the sea!

How to Handle Eating Out Constantly on Holiday

Eating healthy on holiday is also a pretty big struggle for the large majority of us. This opportunity to indulge in some deliciously tempting food means you can overdo it all too easily!

One suggestion is to maybe make your own lunch by visiting a local supermarket whilst staying in a hotel. You can be amazed at the array of wonderful choices you’ll find to really satisfy your taste buds and at the same time be kinder to your wallet! It is a perfect way to control what is going into your food and saves you the unnecessary act of ordering a burger for lunchtime by the beach- not ideal for those bikini bodies!

This small adjustment gives you more of a reason to indulge during dinnertime and not feel as guilty.

Avoid Those Fizzy Drinks

Another tip would be to always opt out of drinking sugary, fizzy drinks during the day either by the pool, on the beach, or with your lunch.

It is a mindless way of filling your body with lots of processed and refined sugars that it doesn’t need, and you barely even notice you’re doing it!

What’s more, ordering a cola along with a healthy salad is not only going to make your healthy initiative seem ineffective, but it will also fill you up quickly, so you won’t even enjoy all of it!

The Best Way to Keep Hydrated

My advice would be to always, always opt for water or coconut water as your choice of drink during the day as you firstly need to be drinking more than usual to keep yourself hydrated in the sun but it also saves you from consuming those empty calories from fizzy drinks. But, come nighttime, out come the cocktails!

Another favourite of mine is eating watermelon during the day. The fully ripened ones (with red flesh as opposed to a more pinky colour) are not only nutritionally beneficial but great to quench your thirst too.

Final Tip for a Great Holiday...


My final words of advice would be to indulge in those things that you enjoy, whether it be walking along the beach barefoot, soaking up those rays from the sun, an afternoon fishing or just feasting your eyes on the beauty around you.  Savour this precious time - good food, good company and beautiful surroundings, what more could you ask for?

I hope everyone has a fabulous summer!

Hannah X

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