Summer Down Time with Aimee Fuller

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Summer Down Time with Aimee Fuller

Guest blog by Aimee Fuller, snowboarder

Summer Down Time

So I am just back from a 10 day road trip around Norway, it was a little different than the normal snowboard trip, we did the whole things on motorbikes and combined all 3 of our passions, skate, snow and the need for speed hence the "bikes".

I have only ever been to Norway in the Winter and just the city, Oslo. It's always mega cold and quite bleak so seeing Norway in the summer was a trip to remember for sure.



We drove up to the mountains, through the Fjord land and along the coast and saw the most insane landscapes. We snowboarded up at Folegfonna resort for a few days and then finished off the trip camping around the country.

Back Home

Now I am back home for a couple of weeks and cramming in a little fitness. It's really nice to have a little break from the snow for a few weeks and enjoy the summer as I am on the road most of the winter so it really makes me appreciate home and catching up with family and friends.

I have also got quite into Wakeboarding so have been hanging down at Cable and Wake in Belfast a bit, it's quite a good cross sport combo and a super fun thing to do in the evenings.

Keeping up with the Training

Gym time in the summer means lots of weights, to build up a strong foundation for the start of winter and some high intensity cardio.

Our sport is very explosive and you need to be strong, you also need a good endurance base as we spend around 4 hours or more out on the snow. So I am working away at keeping myself in shape and ready for the next season as well as experimenting a little in the kitchen with some new recipes!

Check out my Sweet Potato Pizza I made last night.


Ingredients :

The base.

Spelt Flour

Sweet Potato 1-2, without skin (cooked) I baked them and peeled off the skin.

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil

Chilli, chopped

Garlic Powder



Mix everything together in a bowl. Keep adding flour till it makes a good dough consistency. Bake in the oven for 5 minutes with Lucy Bee on top to give it a nice glaze. Take it out adn then add the toppings.

The Toppings.

Pesto or Tomato Sauce and a ton of veggies and Chicken! I just put as much of what I had in the fridge on top along with a little Feta Cheese!

Enjoy the long Summer nights, I am loving it.

Check out my end of Season Wrap up edit. It was a long winter, but a banger with the Olympics in the middle of it all.

Aimee Fuller 2014 Season Edit. from AIMEE FULLER on Vimeo.

Aimz X

You can follow Aimee's progress on twitter

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