Sleep, Eat, Train, Repeat by Ali Robinson

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Sleep, Eat, Train, Repeat by Ali Robinson

Guest Blog by Ali Robinson

Sleep, Eat, Train, Repeat

With 2014 well underway and my first major races imminent I thought I’d try and give you an insight in to how I have been preparing.

Although there is nothing special about the 7 day week, I tend to use it to structure my training around for convenience sake. Monday is an easy training day (active recovery) then 3 consecutive hard training days, another active recovery day on Friday and then two back to back racing or training days over the weekend.

I do 3 to 4 progressively harder weeks before an easier recovery week which will include a rare couple of days of complete rest and some bench mark testing. This structure means I achieve the key training goals of overload and adaptation which is what leads to improvement.

How I train for each sport

Weekly training between the 3 sports varies from 20 hours to 32 hours. With my back ground in cycling I still spend most of my time on the bike to develop fitness. Swimming time is largely dedicated to improving my technique as being new to the sport this is going to give me the greatest improvements in the short term. With running being the only weight bearing activity, I keep it to a minimum, with a limit of 4 runs a week to avoid impact damage.

To supplement my swimming, biking and running I also do light weights, core strength exercises, stretching and use a Compex Electrostimulator ( this stimulates muscles) to aid my recovery.

Rest is vital

A key part of maintaining my training regime is getting enough rest. I try to do as little as possible outside of training; no unnecessary trips out to the house and off my feet as much as possible. I aim for 10 hours sleep a night and if possible a nap during the day.

No doubt as I learn more about the demands of triathlon I will be making tweaks here and there as my training is very much an evolving process.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Lucy Bee.



You can follow Ali's progress here

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