A Passion for Clean Eating, Coconut Oil and Earth Buds

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A Passion for Clean Eating, Coconut Oil and Earth Buds

Guest blog by Bina Sitaram

Bina Shares Her Passion for Clean Eating, Coconut Oil and Earth Buds

My affair with coconut oil started in January 2013, when I decided that 2013  would be “my” year, where I regain my vitality and health.  I embarked on this life changing journey with a four week “clean eating” plan.

Little did I think I would last! No dairy…no sugar...no wheat? I couldn’t possibly survive like this!

How wrong I was.  Only after 1 week I noticed amazing results the main change being not feeling bloated.  As weeks passed I noticed a huge difference in my skin tone and texture plus  I was losing a steady amount of weight, I also had so much more energy, there was no more feeling lethargic.

Feeling Good and Looking Forward

Two years later, here I am promoting this kind of lifestyle to others in the hope that I inspire them to make changes to their diet which their bodies will thank them for.

Bina - Testimonial - Copy

So as part of this eating plan coconut oil was one of the main fats to use… I started with a brand I found on the market an organic raw one.  Soon though, I discovered Lucy Bee and was amazed at the difference in smell & texture, it just tasted and felt so much more “cleaner” and fresh!  I have never looked back.

So what do I use Lucy Bee for?  I love using Lucy Bee for cooking with, not only cooked foods but in raw dishes as well.  The flavour is not too overpowering so it is the perfect fat to use in a broad variety of dishes, from roasts through to indulgent chocolate pots.  For me food is like art, it needs to taste great but also look awesome.

I use Lucy Bee in abundance and was actually very surprised to have found that my cholesterol levels on a recent routine blood test had lowered…but over the last 18 months I had increased my fat intake!  I put it down to the fact that I now eat a diet which mainly consist of whole real foods and daily exercise.

Cooking aside, Lucy Bee is my favourite night time moisturiser and deodorant.  For moisturising it is amazing, also because it does not have a strong odour I don’t find the need to mix it with any additional fragranced oils.  I also apply this on my daughter daily as a moisturiser, and if she has any dry patches her response is…”Mummy I need to put some coconut oil on this!”

I have now been chemical deodorant free for 15 months and it works like magic! I just apply a little under my arms and it lasts all day. No need for any nasty chemicals.  I feel so happy that my young daughter will never have the need to use a shop bought deodorant because we have Lucy Bee!

Lucy Bee is also amazing used as a barrier when running outdoors especially in the winter, I find it protects my hands and face from the drying effects the cold weather can have on your skin.

My mum, who suffered from Alzheimer’s, also benefited from coconut oil in the last 20 months of her life.  I am happy that I was able to extend my love for healthy eating to mum in the last years of her beautiful life.

Lucy Bee for me represents a leading example in clean eating, as not only is the product awesome but the ethical practices and work in the community both nationally and internationally which Lucy Bee carries out is outstanding, which for a tree hugging individual like me is impressive!

All About Earth Buds


Since 2013 I have also promoted healthy eating and sustainable living practices to children in schools, through my social enterprise Earth Buds.  I have created two highly effective programmes which reconnects children back to their food sources, really getting them to think about what they are eating and the impact it has on their bodies.  As part of the programme children are taught the importance of having a healthy diet as well as skills like how to read food labels effectively which allows them to make healthy, informed,wise, food choices.

With the surge in society of busy lifestyles, resulting in an increase of families using ready-made convenience meals, Earth Buds feel it is critical that children are taught the vital life skills of cooking, as once you master the art of cooking it is a skill which you have for life, and knowing that as humans we are unable to survive without food we feel that this is very important!

All our sessions use a kinaesthetic approach, so children with learning disabilities are also able to effectively engage in the activities.

What makes the Earth Buds programs so unique is that not only do children learn about growing and cooking their own food, looking after and respecting Mother Nature and planet Earth, as well as becoming highly aware on what goes into their food but they also have the opportunity to learn entrepreneurial and business skills through the programme.  There is no other programme like ours within the educational field. You can find out a little more about our work on our website www.earthbuds.co.uk1

Health for All Festival 2015

2015 shall also see the launch of the first Health For All festival which shall be promoting clean eating practices and sustainable living, it shall be the first of its kind with a line-up of some amazing workshops from outstanding leading nutritional coaches and fitness experts as well as leading experts within the educational field for children, which shall include a meditation zone for children.

You can keep posted on my journey and up to date information on the Health For All festival on twitter or facebook ( see below for the links.)


Follow Bina's inspirational work with Earth Buds on twitter https://twitter.com/BinaSitaram

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1. http://earthbuds.co.uk/

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