Introducing Guy Learmonth GB Athlete

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Introducing Guy Learmonth GB Athlete

Guy Learmonth, GB Athlete, introduces himself to us

Good morning everyone,

This is my first article for LucyBee so I think it’s best for me to introduce myself. I’m 21 years old, an 800m athlete for Great Britain and Scotland and have qualified and in training for the Commonwealth Games this summer.

A bit about me

I am currently studying Sports Management at Loughborough University as well as in full-time training. I am the current Scottish Junior and U23 record holder, along with being the UK All-Time Age 19 Record Holder, a 6x Scottish National Champion, 3x British University Champion and 2x British Junior Champion.

I am just back from warm weather training in Tenerife and have just got my Indoor season underway. I opened up my season with a win at the Glasgow International match over a rarely run 600m race, clocking a New Scottish National Record and British U23 Record in a time of 1:16:48. Followed up by another win in a time of 1:47:80 800m over in Vienna 3 days later. The greatest start to my season, ever.

How Lucy Bee Coconut Oil fuels my performance

I have been using LucyBee for about 6 weeks now and I am totally HOOKED! I am using it as a substitute for everything! No more butter, vegetable oil, sugar, nothing. LucyBee is utterly delicious too and I would recommend it to anyone, especially elite athletes’ like myself wanting to maximize performance.

As an athlete I am always seeking for ways to improve and take my ability to the next level and from a nutritional and health point of view - something that is vital for all those hard, fast track sessions and multiple runs on a daily basis I put my body through as I prepare for my first major championship in the summer.

Guy Learmonth & Lucy Bee

I am using LucyBee for breakfast, on my bagels or porridge, and coffee, using it for lunch in the frying pan or a thin layer on my toast and scrambled eggs and again for dinner. I even have my Mum addicted to it when I head home to see her. It's perfect for the vegetables and roast potatoes on a Sunday afternoon and like anything, if you get your Mama’s approval, it 110% gets mine!

For now, that’s all from me, have a great day everyone and get using LucyBee, it will change your life!

Guy Learmonth

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Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and eating close to nature with additive free products for health.


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