An Interview with Kettlebell Champion, Jamie Lloyd

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An Interview with Kettlebell Champion, Jamie Lloyd

Guest blog by Jaime Lloyd

Our Recent Chat with Jamie Lloyd

Jamie is a health and fitness expert and British Kettlebell Sport Champion. We caught up with him recently for a chat.........

How did you get into health and fitness?

I have been involved in sport ever since I started playing rugby and doing long-distance running at the age of six. My Mum was an aerobics instructor and she inspired me to keep fit.

Then I always wanted to get involved with fitness and went to university to study Sport and I got my first fitness job working for 24 Hour Fitness in California selling gym membership!

Where does your interest as an author stem from?

Well I'm a co-author of the best selling book, 'Total Body Breakthroughs' which was number 1 on Amazon and more recently over the last 18 months I have written pretty much for every fitness magazine.

Describe a typical day for you.

Get Up- have a smoothie, do some mobility work.

Train 2 personal training clients, eat breakfast.

I then teach 2 group sessions before having lunch. In the afternoon I train 3-5 personal training clients.

I always do a training session myself before checking e-mails.

I pick my daughter up from school, watch TV/read. Bed.

Have you got a favourite quote?

"Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back."

― Heraclitus

What is that appeals to you about Lucy Bee Coconut Oil?

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil tastes awesome! I have tried many coconut oils out there and Lucy Bee tastes so creamy. Knowing that it’s an unrefined coconut oil, I can honestly say it has transformed my cooking - including my Thai Green Curry!

Thai curry

I wouldn't use any other coconut oil as this tastes just scrumptious!

Could you explain what 'Buggy Bells' is?

Buggybells is The Ultimate Fitness Club for Mums who want to exercise outdoors with the little ones without the added cost of childcare!

It won the Best Fitness Classes in the South last October at ‘The What’s On 4 Me’ awards! Mums will expect to do a combination of bodyweight conditioning and kettlebell training and most can expect to drop up to 8lbs in their first 4-6 weeks.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is I have encountered some horrific injuries over the years, and have had back surgery, jaw surgery and 2 shoulder surgeries and I have had major setbacks in my own personal fitness and training. Therefore, I have an inner belief that anyone can achieve what they want in life as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and listen to the right people. My mission is to help people achieve their impossible with smart training, mind-set and nutrition.

Do you have any top tips for keeping healthy? 

Avoid all processed foods and eat a clean well balanced diet from known organic sources. Get to sleep by 10:30pm each night to give your body sufficient rest and to lower cortisol levels. Drink one litre of clean filtered water per 50lbs of bodyweight a day. Take a hot magnesium bath and have a weekly massage. Lastly take up to 2 x tablespoons of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil raw daily to help curb the carb monkey!

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