Holly Lawrence, An Update

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Holly Lawrence, An Update

Holly Lawrence gives an update on her training

Last November we were introduced to Holly and how she got into the world of triathlon. We love to follow our sports personalities and in this article, Holly gives us an update on what she’s up to at the moment. It’s exciting to ‘peep’ into the world of a professional athlete - we tend to only see the final result as they compete and are often unaware of the effort and hours of training that goes into their successes.

This from Holly....

“So at the moment I'm in Mallorca on a two week training camp to escape the British weather and get some good solid work done.

“So far it's been a lot of miles on the bike whilst continuing my run and swimming volume with some hard key sessions in the mix.


"Mallorca is a great place to train not only with the fairer weather but the landscape for cycling is perfect, so varied and beautiful with lots of stunning mountain climbs. The photo above shows me climbing the 'Formentor', one of many of the beautiful rides out here.

"Of course I have brought my own little supply of LucyBee coconut oil with me so I don't go without during my time here, pre-morning run sessions aren't the same without a bit of LucyBee in my coffee!

“Thank you to LucyBee for the support!


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