Holly Lawrence Reflects on the Commonwealth Games 2014

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Holly Lawrence Reflects on the Commonwealth Games 2014

Guest blog by Holly Lawrence

The Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow recap

The Commonwealth Games 2014 have massively changed my season this year and headed down a road that I hadn't imagined and I'm so thankful for the experience.

Unfortunately, it was only the team relay event that I was competing in after Wales decided not to put any athletes in for the individual to save us for the relay and after the big blows of injury from Non Stanford and Helen Jenkins so went our two main medal hopes.

The team consisted of Me, Carol Bridge, Liam Lloyd, and Morgan Davies a relatively young team and definitely the under dogs, but we each left it all out there on the course.

I'm really pleased with my performance across all 3 and despite starting 3rd leg some distance behind the main group, I managed to catch and over take the Scottish team who were quite a distance ahead and put in a solid leg. The crowds and support out there were fantastic and I can't thank my sponsors enough for supporting me along my journey.

Life in the Athletes' Village

I had such a blast during my week in the bubble of the athlete village, taking full advantage of the cafés, humongous 24hrs dining hall with everything you can think of on offer: nail bar; hair dressers; ice baths; massage all put on for the athletes and FREE, feeling very much pampered and spoilt.

Fun in the village

But, it was nice to get back to normality afterwards, not having to shut my eyes walking past all the tempting cakes and muffins at meal times! I swear it would be super easy to come back twice the size living with all that on tap!


During the commonwealth lead-up I was nursing a cuboid injury in my foot without being able to let it recover so the next two weeks afterwards, I was stuck with my foot in an airboot and I have gradually returned since and pleased with how it's healing.

I have just landed in France for my first hit out this weekend since the games, racing for my French Grand Prix Team (Stade Poitevin) in Quiberon. It's a sprint distance race so will be a good test out for my foot and I love racing with my French team, fun racing in the sun and chance to dust off "mon Français!"

Thanks to LucyBee for the continued support.


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