Hayleigh Mason, Sprint Canoeist

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Hayleigh Mason, Sprint Canoeist

Introducing Hayleigh Mason

A note from Lucy:

As part of our focus at Lucy Bee on a healthy lifestyle, we're keen to support athletes in various sports and this article from Hayleigh explores her world as a sprint canoeist.

Guest Blog by Hayleigh Mason


I am a full time athlete training for Rio 2016 as a sprint canoeist.

From an early age I was always very active and loved trying out new sports. For a long time I mixed it up playing a lot of team games then when I was at school I got scouted to try out for a girls’ footy team who were top of the league - West Bridgford Colts.

My dad got me to try flatwater kayaking as this is what he had always done. I went down to Nottingham Kayak Club, which is based on the river Trent, where I took my first few strokes in a boat which if I'm honest I absolutely hated!

The following year I went back and for some reason totally changed my mind and loved it. For a while I carried on with the football but there came a point where I had to choose which one I thought I could go further in.....so I chose kayaking.

My Inspiration

My dad has always been my inspiration  - he got to compete at the 1976 Olympic Games, which is a massive achievement and he has always been there throughout my career and always reminding me to enjoy myself.

I first got selected for the GB team when I was 14 and I haven’t looked back. It really is a dream job, I get to travel the world competing and training.

Hayleigh Mason Training

The training is super tough but is worth it when you get the results you have worked so hard for. I currently train 6 days a week, 2 -3 times a day and I go away on training camps abroad and for International competitions.

As an athlete what I put into my body is a high priority on a daily basis. Our nutritionist advised us to use coconut oil and I absolutely love it.

For now I love my life and continue to strive to achieve my dreams.

You can follow me on:  twitter.com/hayleigh_mason

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