England Rugby Player Ben Morgan Talks to Lucy Bee

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England Rugby Player Ben Morgan Talks to Lucy Bee

Our Q&A with England Rugby Player, Ben Morgan

Lucy Bee recently caught up with Gloucester and England rugby player, Ben Morgan just before the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup....

LucyBee (LB): Well done in recent weeks, glad to see you back in an England shirt.

Ben Morgan (BM): Thank you. I was glad to get through it and happy that it went well.

LB: So, you have been out of the game for quite a while?

BM: Yes, I had a nasty leg injury at the end of last year so it has been a tough time getting back fit.

LB: And what has been the hardest bit of training?

Ben Morgan passing the ball

BM: Probably since I have been back in England camp. The sessions have pushed us physically but also mentally.

LB: How do you mean?

BM: There have been moments…

LB: Where you would have preferred to be on a beach in the shade of a coconut tree?

BM: Exactly, how did you guess?

LB: Let’s just call it a hunch. So tell us about your diet ever since your injury, has it changed?

BM: Yes, it has changed a great deal. I have been very specific about what and when to eat in order to accelerate my healing and improve my fitness.

LB: Sounds exciting.

BM: It is - really!

LB: Haha, don’t worry. We share that excitement - not a minute goes by where we aren’t thinking of food.

After a few seconds daydreaming of a mango, lime and coconut smoothie.

BM: Everything ok?

LB: Yes, yes. Sorry! So tell us a bit more about when you use Lucy Bee?

BM: I use it all the time actually. I cook with it, throw a spoonful into coffee and add it to smoothies and soups when I can. Oh, I also put it in my hair and on my face before I go to bed.

Coffee cup

LB: Really?

BM: Well - maybe not the last bit!

LB: You should do, it works wonders... (as we flick our hair from side to side)

BM: I have thoughts about using it in my beard... (as Ben flicks his beard from side to side NOTE- he's since shaved this off!)

LB: So, beards aside, what do the next few weeks look like for you?

BM: We had a solid result against France but there is plenty of room for improvement. As a squad and individuals, we are focused on getting better every day to give ourselves the best chance of success over the coming weeks.

LB: Great - best of luck and thank you for your time.

BM: No problem at all, now where can I find that moisturiser?

Lucy Bee


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