Emma Grant,Training For Success

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Emma Grant,Training For Success

Introducing Emma Grant, Road Cyclist for Team GB Olympic Development Programme

I'm thrilled to be supporting Emma's efforts to make her dream a reality. That is to represent Great Britain as a road cyclist.

In 2008, aged 16, Emma switched from athletics to track and road cycling having been scouted by UK Sport, Girls 4 Gold. She was then selected for the Great Britain Olympic Development Programme to help fast track her to success. Emma puts great value on the importance of diet and nutrition and follows a clean healthy eating diet to enhance her performance. Included in that is coconut oil which, Emma advises "is improving my recovery from training day to day".

Good luck to Emma as she continues her training in New Zealand!

Lucy x

Guest blog by Emma

Athletes and diet

As an athlete, diet is key to getting the most out of yourself. The adage goes ‘a great diet cannot make an average athlete elite but a poor diet can make an elite athlete average.’

3 meals a day, that’s 1095 opportunities in a year to make great nutritious choices! Incorporating Lucy Bee Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is the best addition to my diet, I just can’t get enough of it. To be honest I am obsessed with everything coconutty whether it is the flour, milk, water or flesh but the oil is undoubtedly the best!

Why Coconut Oil?

The medium chain triglyceride (MCTs if we’re gonna get technical) content of coconut oil makes it awesome for cooking with, far superior to heating olive or seed based oils. This fallacy that all saturated fats are bad needs addressing, everyone needs Lucy Bee coconut oil in their lives!

I am really excited to have the support from Lucy Bee this season. I thought I would share some of the ways I have incorporated it into my pre and post work out meals this week and reaping the benefits.

Emma Grant - energy balls

To fuel long hard training rides I make big batches of energy balls. I chuck dates, raisins, choc chips, coconut, nuts, coconut oil and whatever is kicking about the pantry into a blender.

Emma Grant - waffles

Post training I love to make whey protein waffles, caking the waffle iron in coconut oil. Coconut oil makes for a delicious Thai pumpkin soup, a nice way to thaw out after winter training.

Training for success

For now I am plugging away at my winter training in preparation for next season. This involves lots of solo km’s on the bike (mostly in the rain) and building strength and stability in the gym. I am off down under next week for the rest of the winter to train in more pleasant climes! I’ve heard coconut oil even makes for a great sunblock; I will have to put that to the test not being a fan of toxin laden sunscreens.  My diet full of MCT rich coconut oil is definitely helping me to maximise training and recovery.  Recovery meals can be so much better than a shake!

Thank you Lucy Bee.  Watch this space for more nutritious coconut oil concoctions!




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