Emma Grant's Tips for Winter Motivation

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Emma Grant's Tips for Winter Motivation

Motivation for the Winter Grind!

Figuring out what drives you is key. It’s very individual and takes time to work out what gets you out the door when a date with your duvet is more appealing. I’ve been very fortunate to spend most of my cycling winters in the Southern Hemisphere, but this year I have become accustomed to the English climes.

This winter has been about getting healthy; we have finally figured out the ‘cause of the cause’ as such and I am making progress in the right direction. My focus has been on getting the most 'bang for my buck' training wise, no junk km’s.

Whether your goals are to be competitive or for personal well being I thought I would share some of my tips to help get the most out of winter!

My Tips for Motivation


  1. Do more of what you love: Working out doesn’t have to be a grind. Too many gym goers sit on static abduction machines just going through the motions. Mix things up, try new things, challenge yourself.
  2. Goals: Long term and short term goals are fundamental for commitment. Make sure they excite you and put together an awesome process to make them happen.
  3. Social media: Stick to your own plan, ignore those that treat Facebook like a training log!
  4. Remove barriers: Make it as easy to get out the door as possible by addressing the little factors that provide a feasible excuse for skipping your workout. Too cold? Invest in some warmer training gear. You will always find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.
  5. Mantras: Sometimes that inner chatter can be unhelpful, practice some mind games to get one step ahead. Have a couple of mantras at the ready to repeat to yourself when the going gets tough. ‘Get comfortable being uncomfortable’ always helps me through the burn!
  6. Carrots: Some day’s motivation is harder to conjure up, that’s only natural. I love putting a chicken in the slow cooker to come back from a 5 hour ride to, as an incentive.
  7. Buddy up: It can be more fun to work out with friends and you are less likely to let them down and ‘oversleep your alarm!’
  8. Don’t try and be a hero: When the weather is biblical, adapt your workout. There are no prizes for soldiering on with a lingering common cold all winter. If you miss a few days don’t beat yourself up.
  9. Consistency: Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going.
  10. Keep it fun! On that note, as fun as riding in the arctic conditions these past months have been I’m off to Spain. Hasta luego!


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