Emma Grant Talks Rest and Relaxation

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Posted: 30/05/2014 Print

Emma Grant Talks Rest and Relaxation

Guest Blog by Emma Grant

The Importance of Rest and Relaxation

I think I speak for a lot of athletes saying that resting believe it or not is the hardest part of the job! After a winter of warm weather training in NZ and a training camp in California I jetted off to start my European racing campaign with my new professional road cycling team (Tibco).

Sounds oh so glamorous, but the reality was I feeling very under par and didn’t know why. I hadn’t been feeling like myself on the bike for quite some time and ignorantly became good at ignoring what my body was telling me. Nonetheless I took to the start line for the first block of UCI racing in Belgium and Holland; arguably the toughest of the year and even more so when you are at your weakest.

I competed in my first World Cup in the Netherlands then made the decision to head home and get to the bottom of what had been plaguing me for so long.

Listen to your Body

I am now on the mend and getting lots of km’s in my legs rain or shine (mostly the former!).

As frustrating as the past 2 months have been, I’ve been able to take so many positives from the recovery. Being at home on the farm in summer with all the home comforts is not something I usually get to enjoy much being away racing.

I am making the most of being able to get fresh veggies and eggs from the garden and whack together an omelette 5 minutes later!  Being side-lined has also given me time to get nutritiously creative in the kitchen with Lucy Bee Coconut oil as my cooking staple! Eating real, unprocessed, organic colourful foods is my way of life! I’ve shared some of my favourite new concoctions…

(from left to right:)

Butternut squash noodles sautéed in coconut oil a tasty and nutritious alternative to wheat pasta.

Raw buckwheat granola- I blitzed dates, banana, walnuts, cacoa and coconut oil with soaked buckwheat then dehydrated it overnight.  Perfect with coconut milk yogurt after training or out the jar!

Banana berry skillet brownies with coconut flour and maca.

Butternut Squash Noodles    Raw Buckwheat Granola   Banana Berry Brownies

Lucy Bee is my number 1 go-to cooking oil for sure and I have even done a few face cleanses with it! Amazing stuff, I have got my team mates hooked on it too.

What Next?

I am feeling optimistic about what the rest of the season entails and can’t wait to get back into racing again! All going well my first race back will be British Nationals in Wales where I finished 2nd in the U23 Championships last year. As much as I’d love to build on that result my biggest priority this season is staying healthy for the long run, all in the name of patience!

Thanks for reading,

Emma x

You can follow Emma's progress in her blog: http://emgrantcyclist.blogspot.co.uk/

or on twitter @emgrant1

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