Dan's Plan - Inspire Yourself To Get Fit

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Dan's Plan - Inspire Yourself To Get Fit

Guest blog by Dan Francis

At the start of February 2013 I decided to get back in the gym and I needed inspiration to get fit.

I didn't want to continue being another inconsistent gym dude that just hit the weights a few times a week, ate an unstructured diet plan and binged at weekends. So, I wrote myself a plan and got my head focused and I knew I wanted this year to be the year I would make a dream come true - have the physique I've always dreamed of!

Hard work and determination

The proudest day of my life, was the day my son was born and this moment instantly gave me a drive, a determination and an inspiration I've never felt before. I wanted to show him that if he puts his heart and soul into something and works really hard to get it - it WILL happen.

There are no brick walls on your journey just curves in the road

Diet first

My diet consisted of all whole foods with a goal of making the diet sustainable. This was a permanent lifestyle change not just a summer fad, so a lot of experimenting with meals, herbs, spices, flavours and tastes went under way!

I’ve always used myfitnesspal app as it’s perfect for pre-planning all meals. I prep 5 days worth of meals on a Sunday morning which stay fresh in the fridge. I count every macro and weigh every gram of every meal, therefore staying fully in control of my diet! My aim is to  keep the supplements down to a minimum and focus on a diet of all whole foods. So I have only 2 scoops of protein a day with good, healthy food.


I train at 5.30am daily which gives me the evening to be with my family. Preparations for photo shoots (I model for SkinnyChimps Fitness Wear) are hectic. I train seven days a week for eight weeks, which includes four heavy weighted sessions and three HiiT cardio sessions and abs. A tough eight weeks training but I needed the cardio and weights to get in shape.

Fit For Purpose

A day’s photo shoot is tough – if anybody thinks that standing in front of a camera is easy- you’re wrong! Over three hours, no breaks, not a lot of food (the energy is all adrenaline!) However, the feeling of achievement is crazy afterwards -exhausted tired and really emotional. Especially so as by doing this I’d achieved a dream and I knew this was the start of something great for me!

The day I’d been working towards

This is what I'd wanted since lifting my first weights years ago. I’d managed to turn around the unstructured training sessions, the poor diet plans and I had the push I needed to get where I wanted to be. It was having such a strong supportive girlfriend, a beautiful new born son, a drive and determination to succeed.

Set your heart on something AND NEVER let anything stop you from reaching it.

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