A Catch Up With Snowboarder, Aimee Fuller

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A Catch Up With Snowboarder, Aimee Fuller

Guest blog by Aimee Fuller,

Our Q&A with Snowboarder, Aimee Fuller 

 Training wise, what have the last 6 months been like for you

This last 6 months, have seen a lot of travelling! I finished my season up in May having finished up 3rd in the last contest of the season! I also attended the 9 Queens event in Austria, and got to ride this really unique castle feature along with 9 other riders.

Pre Season training is well under way now and I have been focusing on my balance and single leg work to improve stability, it's something that I have never really focused on so I am excited to see how this improves my on snow performance.

What would you say is the best thing to do to keep your body toned during off-season?

Off season to keep my body snow fit, I focus on factors that will help improve my performance and reduce risk of injury on snow. I have been training my strength endurance the past month in the gym with lots of glutes, core and hamstring exercises - squats, deadlifts, single leg squats.

Along with some cross-training and air awareness work on the trampoline, I have also started to introduce a little more yoga! I think this could be a game changer with my agility :)

Do you have any competitions planned? What does Winter 2015 hold for you?

Credit to 9 Queens
Credit to 9 Queens

Winter 2015 is going to be an exciting one, it's the season before Olympic qualification begins for me, so I will be focusing on perfecting the perfect run for competition.

I will also be competing in Dew Tour in the USA, as well as the World Snowboard champs. Next stop for me, I am heading down to Australia in the middle of August to get on snow and get things started, before that I will be riding a little indoors at the Snow Centre.

How strict are you with your diet?

I try to eat as clean a diet as possible, I really feel energised when I up the veggie intake, I eat a lot of protein, nuts/almond butters and chicken, eggs, fats, avocados, coconut oil, fish. I love experimenting with different recipes in my time off, and making slightly healthier alternatives for my favourite foods! But off course, I enjoy a treat! I love banoffee pie! and nachos haha!

Do you have a favourite quote?

It's something that I apply on my snowboard, but I suppose in everyday life it's relevant too. "When you’re up the mountain, try something new every day, no matter how small or simple it is, that one new thing, keeps that buzz, and keeps you stoked to go back for more and more"


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