What Can Virgin Coconut Oil do for Cyclists?

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What Can Virgin Coconut Oil do for Cyclists?

Vicky Ware*, who writes for Lucy Bee regularly, has had an article published in the nutrition section of Cycling Fitness.

Why Coconut Oil is a Great Performance Aid for Cyclists

‘Studies have found that highly trained athletes have a better fat burning system, meaning they’re better at accessing their fat stores during exercise. Because they are burning fat for energy, they can keep going at the same power output for longer.’

Cyclists Nutrition and Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is very popular with a range of endurance athletes including top performing cyclists like Emma Grant and triathletes like Ali Robertson. Here’s a selection of articles written by these athletes, explaining how they train and why virgin coconut oil is part of their nutritional programme.

Emma Grant - Cyclist

Emma Grant, Road Cyclist for Team GB

Learn which foods Emma prepares for her intensive road cycling training.

On and Off-Season Training with Emma Grant

Find out what exercise Emma favours for the off-season.

Emma Grant’s Tips for Motivation

Includes Emma’s 10 easy to use tips for motivating yourself to train harder.

Emma Grant Talks Rest and Relaxation

How Emma overcame a spell of poor form.

Triathletes Using Coconut Oil

Holly cycling

Holly Lawrence – A Triathlete’s Winter Training

Read about how Holly trains for the triathlon during the winter.  

Triathlete Training and Diet with Holly Lawrence

Pick up Holly’s idea for the ‘perfect portable training food.’

Ali Robinson Endurance

Ali Robertson - How He Trains for Triathlete Events

Just why does a top triathlete use a Compex Electrostimulator and more importantly what is it?

Other Articles by Vicky on Lucy Bee

Inflammed Skeleton Joint

Inflammation and its Effects

90 Year Old Greek Lady

The World’s Healthiest Diets


Gut Health: Probiotics and Prebiotics

* Vicky has a degree in Biological Sciences with a focus on biochemistry and immunology and is currently studying for a  MSc in Drug Discovery and Protein Biotechnology.  She is also an endurance athlete.

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