Athletes Train and Eat by Nikki Bartlett, Triathlete

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Athletes Train and Eat by Nikki Bartlett, Triathlete

Introducing Nikki Bartlett, triathlete

I am an aspiring professional long distance triathlete, Gloucestershire athlete, former Sports Personality of the year, currently competing and medalling at GB age group level worldwide. My long term aims are to become a professional athlete.

How it all began

2009 saw me taking a step towards my dreams -iIn 2008 I was fast-tracked onto the GB rowing World Class start initiative after completing tests at the Girls for Gold initiative in Bath, a scheme set up to find gold medal hopefuls.

I have always been heavily involved in sport, and when I started my rowing career the dream of being an elite athlete had started. I had some great rowing achievements and was particularly strong on the rowing machine and over longer distances in training and racing. However a serious rib injury set me aside from the sport. I tried a triathlon or two and a few running races with no specific training and fell in love with the sport.

In 2011, I had won my first half Ironman, 1st in age group at Ironman UK and ran 3.03 at London marathon. All without specific training, although rowing training is heavy on the mileage and mental training side, so this had obviously set me up well.

In 2012 after a big heart to heart with my rowing coach, my triathlon journey began to be a long distance triathlete.

Recent achievements

Since changing sports, I gained Gloucestershire media sports personality of the year award, 1st in age group Mallorca 70.3, 2nd age group at World long distance champs, 2nd female at Stowe and Henley challenge half Ironman and 2nd female at Alloa half marathon in 1.22.15.

Last weekend (28th March 2014), I had a good result which was 2nd place at the Scottish National Duathlon champs, I was really pleased with this as I was doing it as a training race.

Being passionate about sport

I absolutely love the sport and the journey I am on within triathlon. I love the people you meet with their own inspirational stories and backgrounds and becoming part of such an amazing sport which truly pushes you to your limits and beyond.

Nikki Bartlett and Dog

Athletes train and eat

Quite often people ask 'do you diet', and quite quickly the responce is 'no', athletes train and eat. We eat nutritional healthy meals that aid the recovery process as we are fuelling pre and during training. We all have treats as we are human after all, but healthy, nutritional food which is timed around training is a huge part to an athlete’s daily routine. I absolutely love baking and cooking and there are a lot of recipes out there and food swaps you can create to enjoy healthy food at its best. I use Lucy Bee coconut oil for all things baking and cooking.

About Lucy Bee Limited

Lucy Bee is concerned with Fair Trade, ethical and sustainable living, recycling and eating close to nature with additive free products for health.

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