Amy Wilson Hardy: Doing the Job You Love

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Posted: 21/10/2014 Print

Amy Wilson Hardy: Doing the Job You Love

Guest blog by Amy Wilson Hardy

The Job You Love

Let me introduce myself....

Ever wondered what it is like to have a job you can genuinely say you love?

When I was growing up, being a professional sportswoman seemed an untouchable dream. Not only because I would have to be in the top tiny percentile of players in the country, but also because the sport I played, rugby, was not professional for women.

Yet here I am, still pinching myself. My name is Amy Wilson Hardy and, since my sport turned professional last month, I started being paid to do the job I love: I’m now a professional women’s rugby player.

I play two versions of rugby: the fifteen aside game that most people are familiar with and rugby 7s, a fast, furious strand of rugby union that involves 7 players per side, playing for 7 minutes each way.

Every Sunday, I don blue and white hoops as I stride out on the pitch, representing the 15-a-side team, Bristol RFC in the Women’s Premiership league. Throughout the year, I hope to compete for the England 7s team in the World Seven’s Series, adding to the caps I gained last year.

Fuelling For Fitness

Which brings me to another facet of being a professional athlete: nutrition is key to optimum performance.

Since rugby started to get more serious for me and I realised I may have a shot at reaching international level, I started to recognise that being good at sport was not enough.

You obviously need natural ability, but it is the surrounding factors e.g. strength, power, body composition etc. that separates you from the other natural athletes; be it the person competing for your shirt, or the person on the other team you are about to run over.

I started using coconut oil for cooking about 2 years ago after reading about all the health benefits of the product.  I now use Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Oil not only in cooking but as part of my beauty regime. Who knew you could have a guilt free fry up?

Amy Wilson Hardy
Amy at a family wedding

At breakfast time Lucy Bee accompanies my coffee and porridge. Half a spoonful in both gives a subtle coconut taste. Then at bedtime, if my skin feels dry – having been exposed to the extremities of the British weather on the rugby pitch – I slather on some coconut oil to moisturise it.

It is changes like this in my diet that will help me to get the body composition that will give me the edge in my sport.


You can follow Amy's progress on twitter@Amywilsonhardy and her food diary.

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