Ali Robinson, Bowed but Unbroken

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Posted: 16/06/2014 Print

Ali Robinson, Bowed but Unbroken

Guest blog from Ali Robinson

Bowed but unbroken….erm well actually…

You cannot plan for everything and an athlete’s life is often full of unexpected surprises.

I had a pretty unwelcome one 6 weeks ago, just before my season was due to kick off for real, when I had a training crash while visiting the UK. The circumstances remain a bit of a mystery but I came off second best with a bus and I am now sporting a stylish exoskeleton to support my broken neck along with some (more!) internal metal work to fix my back.

An Update Up to This Point...

Up to that point my season had been pretty low key as I built towards the start of the European middle and long distance tri season which kicked off in Spain at the end of April with 1/2 ICAN Malaga and then IronMan 70.3 Mallorca which was my first major objective.

I’d had an abortive trip to Abu Dhabi in March for my last hit out as an amateur; unfortunately a stomach upset took me out of the race shortly after taking the lead on the bike leg. I returned to the UK from my training base in Spain in early April to tackle the Whinlatter Xtreme Duathlon and was delighted with 3rd place despite struggling with the technical off-road bike leg.

Having felt good during the run I decided to enter the English Duathlon Championships a week later and placed 10th again quite a surprise in a discipline which isn’t really mine.

And Then the Accident!

The following week I was riding back to my parents house having wrapped up a decent training session and the next thing I remember is waking up to the sound of the air ambulance rotors. Shortly afterwards I was in Newcastle RVI getting confirmation that I had a broken neck and  a broken back, 9 vertebrae in total, several of them unstable and I’d fractured my skull to boot. Would all have been a different (and much shorter) story had I not been wearing my helmet and I was lucky to escape any nerve damage.

Ali HeadBrace

I am now on what is likely to be a long road to recovery but hopefully a full one.

Although it has taken some time for me to be fit for anything I am taking the opportunity to get out and watch others take part in events and get involved in the supporting side of things. It has been great to see how many people are now enjoying the wide variety of organised sporting events now on offer, from those competing at the sharp end to people just out to see if they can get round.

Diet has become even more important to me now as I recover from major trauma than when I am training.

I’m desperate to make sure my body has exactly what it needs to recover as quickly and as effectively as possible. Lucy Bee is again proving an important part of this. I choose to follow an alkaline diet which is good for bone healing along with keeping me full and satisfied to stop me over eating at a time when I am unable to exercise.  I am looking forward to trying lots of the delicious looking recipes on the site over the next few months.

You can follow progress on my recovery on twitter @alitriathlon and on my webpage;

Take care out there!


A note from Lucy,

The whole team at Lucy Bee wish Ali a full recovery. His determination and positive outlook is an inspiration to us  - Good Luck  Ali X

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