Aimee Fuller,Team GB Snowboarder's Path To Success

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Aimee Fuller,Team GB Snowboarder's Path To Success

I’d like to introduce you to Aimee Fuller, a Team GB snowboarder. Aimee shares our passion for fitness and a healthy diet. Here’s her story in our Q&A session......

Lucy X

Q: When and how did you get into snowboarding?

A: I first tried snowboarding for a day at the age of 8, out in Toronto with my cousin, I then didn't get on a board again till I was 12, starting out on the dry ski slopes of Bromley. I pretty much went every weekend. Having done motocross and gymnastics, snowboarding just seemed like a really fun way to explore the mountains.

Aimee Fuller Snowboarder

Q: What are you training towards at the moment and how many hours a day do you need to do?

A: At the moment I am focusing on the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. I have been spending as much time on snow as possible, riding with the GB team out in Austria pre season. Right now I have a week off, so I am catching up with family, friends, the boyfriend, relaxing before the season really kicks off next week in the US. I am in the gym every day, getting as strong as I possibly can, so when I am on the snow I am as fit as possible.

My first contest is the Dew Tour this month, in Breckenridge Colorado, followed by the first world cup of the season in Copper.

Q: Where is the bulk of your training done ?

A: I train with the GB freestyle team, also with my sponsor’s teams.  Red Bull put on some insane training camps, so we actually did some work in one of the snow domes in Manchester in the UK, and incorporated some dry land and trampoline work in September. I will head out to Colorado this weekend though and we have an on snow camp in Aspen, I am really looking forward to that, and my time before the games I will spend training and competing with the GB gang.

Q: Could you tell me about any titles you’ve won.

A: I finished 6th in the European X games and was the first girl to land a double backflip in competition.

I have had back to back wins at the Pleasure Jam and a 2nd and 3rd place. I also got 3rd in the Roxy Snow Pro and 2nd in the Leysin Champs.

Aimee Snowboarding

Q: Do you need to follow a particular diet?

A: I don't have a particular diet I have to follow but I try to eat as clean and healthy as I can on the road. I have just started travelling with a jar of Lucy bee, I really enjoy cooking and creating healthy alternatives to your standard dish. I recently made a sweet potato spelt pizza, which was pretty epic!

Aimee's pancakes

And I love Quinoa Buckwheat pancakes, cooked in Lucy Bee, they are the bomb before a big day on the slopes or after a gym session!

To follow Aimee's success:

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