Action Reaction Training with Olly Foster

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Action Reaction Training with Olly Foster

Guest blog by Olly Foster

What is Action Reaction Training?

Action Reaction Training is a unique new training platform developed for men by cover model and top Personal Trainer Olly Foster, who gets right to the core of what really drives successful transformations.

Along with invaluable knowledge on nutrition and training, Olly is introducing group team work via private social media forums for accountability coupled with an end of programme professional photo shoot for each individual to incentivize and give attendees the motivational tool they need to really push themselves to the limit.

An Introduction to Olly Foster

As well as being an accomplished sportsman (professional Rugby League player) and a highly experienced Personal Trainer, Olly is arguably the most well-known fitness model in Europe.

He has been on the cover of Men’s Health magazine six times but not content with creating a mere “pretty body”, in 2012 he achieved a lifelong goal of shooting his first ever cover for Muscle & Fitness by sculpting a larger physic to appeal to the body building audience.

A Focus on Action Reaction Training

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A.R.T nutrition and training programme stands out from the rest as Olly brings with him a wealth of experience from within the industry, coupled with a degree in Nutrition, Health & Lifestyles. He is an extremely motivated, dedicated and sincere individual, this combined with the knowledge he has acquired over the years helps him to consider every aspect of each programme attendee’s lifestyle which is managed with meticulous care including lifestyle advice.

Unlike your standard one size fits all: cut calories / increase exercise system – Olly is introducing ways for individuals to calculate and manipulate their own macros and calorie consumption for effective training and personal weight loss goals.

Traditionally people battle on alone towards their weight loss and fitness goals which can often result in a lack of motivation leading to poor results.

Research tells us that people work best when part of a wider team all working together towards a shared goal, or that person has a set target, milestone or event which they need to focus upon.

This training programme combines both those elements for ultimate motivational impact.  Along with Olly’s personal one-on-one support throughout the programme, attendees will be able to connect through an allocated private social media forum encouraging invaluable team bonding and social accountability which alone is enough to help anyone through the tough training regimes.

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Not only for those looking to achieve a fitness model physique, this programme is open to anyone who is looking to make a real change to their physical appearance, or for those who just want the unique opportunity to be coached by one of the UK’s top Personal Trainers.

Some Great Testimonials

This programme has already been running since 2014 resulting in many successful transformations.  Below are some testimonials:

“Intense....engaging....dedicated....sadistically enjoyable....all these words and many more associate themselves to this 12 week journey Olly has developed.”     Mark Dyer

Dieting was hard and the training sessions were brutal but Olly was always there to help through the online forum and so were the other individuals who were embarking on this voyage to a cover model physique.” Jimmy Stewart

 “If you want to learn about nutrition and how to manipulate it then again I cannot recommend this program highly enough.” Gary Hooks

“I have tried similar training programmes in the past, and there is simply no comparison. Olly's personal approach, knowledge and attention to detail around training, nutrition and supplementation is second to none. The Action Reaction programme is not for the faint hearted, but if you have the desire and motivation to succeed then your results are guaranteed!!” John Doyle

Want to Be Part of the Next Group?

Places can be secured through online booking via visiting 

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