Lucy's Guide to Florence, Italy

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Lucy's Guide to Florence, Italy

My Trip to Florence

I absolutely loved visiting Florence, in Italy. It is a stunning place, full of beautiful, fresh food.

We got a flight from London Stansted to Pisa, so we decided to check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa while we there. Flights tend to be cheaper to Pisa and the walk to the Leaning Tower is only 20 minutes, so it’s worthwhile doing! It is pretty impressive, but it was a struggle getting the perfect photo for Instagram as there were so many people there – I really don’t know how these Instagram models do it!

We found a really cute restaurant en route, called San Domenico Italian Birtrotwhich had a courtyard at the back. We sat here for an hour or so and had a chilled bottle of rosé and lunch. The food was really fresh and tasty. They were very accommodating to my gluten free needs and offered me gluten free pasta and spaghetti. We were all blown away by how reasonably priced the food and wine was.

Before getting the train to Florence (which go very regularly), we stopped for gelato but unfortunately, I can’t remember the name. Safe to say, it was incredible!

Checking out the Leaning Tower of Pisa

The train from Pisa to Florence was only 50 minutes (some can take longer so make sure you check) and the scenery en route is beautiful, so the journey goes quickly. Another thing we learnt is that in order to validate your train ticket, you have to stamp it at a machine in the station before you travel. One of the girls in our group was very nervous for the whole train ride that we were going to get kicked off… luckily we didn’t!

We only had 2 evenings and 1 full day in Florence, so I haven’t got loads of recommendations but hopefully the ones I do have, you enjoy!

My Recommendations 

Circo and Sons– we spent the evening here. It is a beautiful room and by far the best pizza I have ever had. The flavours and base were incredible. They are really careful with gluten and cooked it in a separate kitchen. We had lots to eat and drink here and couldn’t believe that our bill was only 30 euros each!

Loving the gluten free pizza at Circo & Sons

Gustapizza – We ended up having a (very) late-night pizza here, another great gluten free pizza.

Floret – this place is an absolute gem. We were desperate for a delicious brunch and it didn’t disappoint. It is on the top floor of a retail shop called Luisaviaroma. It is so beautiful, and the food was all fresh and really delicious. It’s not your average breakfast menu so we all had our own choices and then shared some pancakes between us – we couldn’t resist!

Floret is amazing for brunch

Il Santo Bevitore – this was recommended to us by a friend who had gone a few weeks before. It was a really cool vibe in here, although very dark! The food was great but they weren’t the most gluten free friendly, they wouldn’t even cook me any chips because they were measured out for another meal! We also found that this was a lot more expensive than other restaurants we had eaten in. However, it was good!

Il Santo Bevitore is well worth a visit

Trattoria dall'Oste Chianineria– This restaurant was right next to our Airbnb, so we went for lunch here on our last day for convenience. It was always so busy whenever we walked past with a queue stretching out of the door. The staff were really lovely here and very accommodating. They had great gluten free options, such as seafood pasta! They also brought out free appetisers for us to start with.

Other Things to Do

Airbnb – We decided to book an Airbnb for our stay in Florence. We chose the Signoria Elegant Apartment which was right smack bang in the middle of the city – we really couldn’t have had a better location. The apartment was well kept and had everything we needed. Having said that, it was up about 6 flights of stairs with no lift! We definitely burnt off at least SOME of the pizza we ate over the weekend!

Bridge – On the way to dinner one night, we walked across the Ponte Alla Carraia at golden hour! The views were absolutely beautiful, so we stopped to watch the sun go down.

Here we are on The Bridge, which you can see in the main image

Mercato Centrale Firenze– if you want to buy some local, fresh produce then check out Mercato Centrale Firenze. There is a lot to see and buy and there are also many different food options to enjoy.

The Mercato Centrale Firenze - great selection of fruit & veg

We spent the afternoon in there trying different foods and having a couple of drinks! It’s a really lively place and perfect if the weather is cold or wet outside.

Spoilt for choice at the Mercato

Signorvino– we came across this bar after going to San Miniato Al Monte. It is a beautiful bar at the bottom of the hill by the river. The wine is very reasonably priced and they also had tapas bits to enjoy, too.

Inside Signorvino

Like most places, I would recommend avoiding restaurants in the main squares and near the tourist traps. The food and drinks are significantly more expensive and sometimes not as good quality as the little gems that you find on the outskirts!

Views and Places to go

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
  • We went to San Miniato al Monte but unfortunately it was shut. It was recommended to us for the views
  • Visiting David
  • Boboli Gardens
  • St Regis Florence
  • Weston Hotel – roof top
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – the most stunning building

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