Lucy Bee’s 10 Day Clean Eating Guide

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Lucy Bee’s 10 Day Clean Eating Guide

"There’s nothing like the start of a new year to make us feel ready and motivated to get back on the healthy wagon."

In keeping with the tradition of last year, we decided to put together another ‘10 Day Clean Eating Guide’ to hopefully inspire you on your healthy journey.

Here at Lucy Bee, we love starting every morning with a ‘morning booster’. Many of you may already reach for the traditional warm lemon water in the morning (we can’t live without it now!). We’ve included that and a little inspiration on how to spice it up, too.

As always, you are free to adapt and switch ingredients to fit your dietary requirements, but as Lucy is a coeliac, all of these recipes are already gluten free. We’ve also tried to limit the amount of dairy in these recipes to suit those of you who it doesn’t agree with.


thai-butternut-squash-soup_22327301969_oThe idea is not to deprive yourself, so if your body is telling you it needs some extra fuel, don’t be afraid to reach for a (healthy) snack! The key to leading a successful healthy lifestyle is making sure you always feel satisfied - you never want to feel like you’re restricting yourself. Food should be a friend that fuels, not a foe.

Also, remember to make extras (especially your dinner) because we advise to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day.


Karl ExWe’ve got some fantastic fitness tips from Karl, the trainer. He keeps us all motivated and one of his top tips is to ‘keep moving’. He’s a real believer in not having to have lots of equipment to keep fit – use your body weight and don’t underestimate the effect of getting some fresh air everyday – a simple walk will do!

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