The Three Peaks Challenge for Malawi 2016

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The Three Peaks Challenge for Malawi 2016

Meg and the Team's Three Peaks for Malawi Fundraising

On June 25th, myself (Meg), my best friend Rhiannon, Karl (the Lucy Bee Personal Trainer), Steve (a friend and extreme challenge enthusiast) and Edward (my neighbour in the office – our Product Developer) took up the challenge to climb the Three National Peaks, all within 24 hours.

The challenge had been spoken about for a few months within the team but it wasn’t until mid-March that we decided to book our flights and get the date cemented into our busy diaries.

The reason behind the challenge was to raise money for our charity, Love Support Unite Africa, and the project within that charity, The Little Blossoms Project.

How the Funds Will Be Spent

Our initial aim was to try to raise £1000 to match the donation made by Lucy Bee earlier this year to build a home for a teacher in Malawi.

A teacher's home in Malawi - our fundraising will build another of theseA teacher's home in Malawi - our fundraising will build another of these

As I write, I'm amazed and excited to see that our total has already exceeded this amount and is currently standing at £2000! Thank you so much to everyone who's sponsored us.

So, how will this money be spent? Well, it'll be used in a couple of ways:

Firstly, as mentioned already, £1000 will go towards building another teacher’s home. Teachers here have a very long walk to their job in the school, with little or no food all day. Living on site will make a huge difference to them, as well as being able to offer evening classes to students.

The balance of our fundraising from this weekend, will be used to support a mother and baby shelter and also to pay for seeds which will help to feed the children of the Tilinanu orphanage.

Lucy Bee has been working closely with the charity for the past 2 years and so far has helped raise over £7700 - this is has come from a mixture of your Amazon purchases via the link on our website (Amazon pay us 5%  commission which we then pass to the charity); Lucy Bee sponsorship of 5 orphans in the Tilinanu orphanage; from Meg's half marathon in March 2015; a donation from Lucy Bee for a teacher's house in October 2015 plus a further £2500 from three of our close business partners; and now a further £2000 from this weekend's fundraising. Thank you to everyone.

The Three Peaks Challenge

Lucy Bee came too, of course!Lucy Bee came too, of course!

Before I tell you a little more about the challenge… less than 24 hours ago, I was still wrapped around a luggage case in the back of Edward’s car counting down the minutes until I was home and could jump in what felt like, the most soothing bath I’d ever had!

So I’m currently sitting at my desk yawning away but with such positive spirit and great memories that gives me the giggles every now and then!

The team (minus Edward – he was our driver) started the challenge with a flight to Glasgow on Saturday morning, arriving around 11am. This is where Edward greeted us after his 6 hour drive the day before with our numerous cases and picnic of food, including our jar of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, of course.

We all squashed into Edward’s 4x4. I say squashed but really we were all very fortunate with space compared to poor Karl, who had to share the back seat with our mountain of stuff!

After a very scenic drive through Scotland, we arrived at the bottom of Ben Nevis around 1pm with tummies full of butterflies and raring to go! We set off at exactly 1:10pm, the challenge had begun!

Climbing Ben Nevis

Rhi and Meg admiring the view from Ben NevisRhi and Meg admiring the view from Ben Nevis

For me, Ben Nevis had to be my favourite mountain of the three. The views were spectacular; like nothing I’d seen before. I remember stopping midway to record a video as it literally took my breath away. Reaching the summit was just incredible too. After 3 hours of walking uphill, not only are you desperate to get that ‘selfie’ but daring yourself to get close enough to look down was a challenge in itself.

We finished Ben Nevis in 5.5 hours which was a little more than we hoped but we managed to enjoy a few ‘jelly baby pit stops’ so left it in Edward’s capable hands to drive like Lewis Hamilton and make up for the lost time.

Onwards to Scafell Pike

The next mountain was Scafell Pike. This was my least favourite of the three, mostly because I’m not a fan of the dark and the trek began at 12:30am.

Setting off to climb Scafell Pike (not the best of photos but the best we got!)Setting off to climb Scafell Pike (not the best of photos but the best that we got!)

On a lighter note, the walk stayed dry throughout so we got our heads down and climbed the steep stairs up and down within 4.5 hours.

The walk down from Scafell Pike, I must say, felt very surreal. As the sun started to rise around 4am and my body, although tired, felt full of life with the excitement of seeing Edward again with a saucepan of porridge and Lucy Bee Cacao Powder stirred into it. Breakfast had never tasted more satisfying…..and I eat this every morning!

Our next drive to 'sew' these mountains together, took around 5 hours. Most of us nodded off within minutes while Edward enjoyed the winding roads – think he thought he was 5 again on his very first push bike!!

Our Final Challenge, Snowden

We arrived, safely and in one piece (thank you Edward) to the car park of Snowdon. Here we quickly changed, put on our boots, tied our laces and set off for the summit of the highest mountain in Wales, at 9am.

Steve and Karl were in true team spirit and continued to lighten the mood with their funny humour, knowledge and skills to ensure Rhi and I were in the best hands possible. They really did make the trip a memorable weekend for me, I couldn’t have wished for a better team.

Meg, Karl and Edward on SnowdenMeg, Karl and Edward on Snowden

Edward also joined us for this one - our team of eight legs became ten and considering how tired we all felt, things had never felt better.

Snowdon was also beautiful and crowded with stunning views. This broke up the four hour burn our legs were starting to feel.

The summit of Snowden was wet and misty. I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard the ‘chu-chu’ of a train and smell of chips as we approached the highest point.

After the final photo, time was ticking on, so we agreed that the walk down had to be the quickest yet. In the true spirit of a team, everyone pulled together and we reached the car within our target time of 24 hours (23:48 to be exact).

An Amazing Feeling

We did it!!!!!We did it!!!!!

I couldn’t explain the feeling if I tried - the mix of my body being the most tired it had ever felt but with the elation that I’d just climbed the three tallest mountains in the UK with my best friend and three amazing guys, while raising £2000 to help improve the lives of many children in Malawi.

I think that’s justification for my jelly legs this morning to say the least!

If you’d like to contribute to our fundraising efforts, please click on this link – every penny is really appreciated X

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