Making a Difference with Fair Trade

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Making a Difference with Fair Trade

We Are All Making a Difference with Fair Trade

All too often, we hear people say that they don’t believe in that Fair Trade malarkey – their objection being that with bureaucracy and red tape, the people that need help the most don’t actually get to benefit!

Our coconut oil is Fair Trade certified by the Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA). This organisation values the opinion of those that will benefit from our contributions, rather than FairTSA deciding on how funds should be spent – it’s common sense really, isn’t it? Who better to say what’s needed to improve their life than those that are directly affected? We’ve witnessed the benefit of this in the Philippines, where, with your help and support, we have all contributed to community development projects1.

Fair Trade Bananas

One of the most widely-bought Fair Trade products is bananas so, with this in mind, I thought you’d like to see this update from Winfried Fuchshofen the director of FairTSA. Here, Winfried reports on a banana producer in the Dominican Republic:

“We are happy to report that Finca Villa Lobo, a FairTSA banana producer in the Dominican Republic, has just completed their first community development project! Funded by the Social Premium amounts paid by the FairTSA buyers, these projects really demonstrate what FairTSA is all about.

The first assembly of the Finca Villa Lobo Trade Union met early last year and held a democratic election of union officials. They then created their first community development project plan: It included constructing 20 latrines for the workers and their families living in the hill section of the community. Prior to the implementation of this project, the state of sanitation for many of the workers was very poor.

Latrine before

As you can see in the photos, existing latrines were in terrible condition. Sometimes one latrine was used by multiple families. Often the latrines were very dirty, some were without doors, and some were just a hole in the ground protected from sight only by cardboard or plastic bags.

Latrine before 2

With the completion of this project adequate sanitation is now available, which greatly contributes to the health and dignity of the producers and their families.”

Latrine after 

It’s really quite hard for a lot of us living with the home comforts that we often take for granted, to realise that in this day and age, not everyone is as privileged as we are.

So when you’re next buying bananas, if you opt for the Fair Trade bunch, you can see that the extra couple of pence in price, really does make a huge difference to a life.

Thank you for your continued support – it’s very much appreciated!

A Little-known Fact

Did you know that bananas don’t actually grow on trees? I was surprised to learn this recently. They’re one of the largest flowering plants and what’s generally mistaken for a trunk is actually a “false stem.” They grow from a corm, which is the plant stem that remains underground, and when the banana plant matures, the corm forms an inflorescence (a flower), otherwise known as the ‘banana heart’.

It’s from this ‘heart’ that the banana fruit develops. They grow into clusters, or bunches, (known as hands by the growers) that are made up of tiers, each holding up to 20 bananas.

Just thought you might like to know that!


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