Love Support Unite - Summer 2016 Update

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Love Support Unite - Summer 2016 Update

Guest blog from Love Support Unite,

With your help, we're supporting the Little Blossoms Project, which is a project within the charity, Love Support Unite Africa. 

If you buy ANYTHING from Amazon using this link, Amazon pays us a commission and we pass this entire amount to the charity.

An Update from Malawi - the Effects of the Famine

We are now harvesting three acres of crops at Mkunkhu School. Phase 1 has exceeded all expectations as we have seen sandy, poor soil turned into food and better still, sustainable food security for the children. This first harvest will provide 2 meals a week for 300 children over the famine November to January. These meals will consist of maize porridge, soya and moringa, providing protein, energy and much needed nutrients, as moringa can provide gram for gram 14 times the calcium of milk and 9 times the iron of spinach.

Children in Malawi

Last year attendance dropped from 600 to 300 as the children were unable to walk to school. As the rains have been poor for the second year in a row this year's famine is expected to be the worst yet. The school can now begin to feed the children on their own.

Thank You for Your Help

With your help we have been able to train Oliver working with Kusamala institute of permaculture. He is now employed full time by LSU to oversee the crops and help educate the community to better ways of producing food! Two local volunteers have also been trained and together we will move into phase two. Education is the key to change!

If we can do it on poor sandy soil with manure, there is no reason other schools cannot adopt this on there own.

We have planted a host of vegetables including cassava and sweet potato, these will supplement the diet of the children and the excess will be sold at market to provide income for the school enabling it to pay its volunteer teachers.

In phase two we will extend our planting to 5 hectares, begin working 'Garden to Mouth' using the crops as an outdoor classroom for the children and provide a school kitchen.

Oliver is part of the new team of project managers in Malawi who are assisting Gift, our Malawi director, in achieving the goals of the community.

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If you would like any more information on any of the projects or how you could help please email .

How to Make a Difference

Help us work towards a world where children do not miss school due to hunger. Where children do not grow up with stunted growth and malnutrition. Where one meal in four days is not the norm and where children grow up with the skills to provide for themselves and their families.

Support Oliver’s wage for a year- £700

Help fund school kitchen and food store- £3000

Help pay labours during school term to prepare land - £10 a month per labourer

We have enough food from phase 1 to feed 300 children. Help us provide food for the other children by donating £10 a month per child.

Help provide educational equipment to teach nutrition £50

Check out further details on how we've helped the Tilinanu orphanage here and Meg and her team's recent fundraising efforts climbing the Three Peaks.

With thanks from Love Support Unite x

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