Being Creative with Breakfast

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Being Creative with Breakfast

Guest blog by Ali Robinson,

Breakfast - the Most Important Meal of the Day

Morning! And what morning doesn’t start with coffee? Having recently graduated to grinding my own coffee that is pretty much how all my days now begin and it gives me a bit of time to think about the most important meal of the day, breakfast!

It is the meal which refuels you after a night of fasting and sets you up for the day ahead and has been butchered by Western society in recent years, sometimes even skipped!

I’m a devotee of porridge or eggs, frequently both. This goes alongside my coffee with de rigueur Lucy Bee Coconut Oil, a cornerstone of my breakfast these days. In a land of plenty I’d also have my eggs cooked in Lucy Bee and a spoonful in my porridge but as getting hold of it while I travel around isn’t straight forward I can’t always be so indulgent!

Changing Eating Habits

Partnering up with Lucy Bee at the beginning of 2014 turned out to be a great catalyst for a general improvement in my diet as the idea that a simple switch of cooking oil could offer such benefits. It made me think that other small easily incorporated changes to my eating habits could be made.

It is all pretty simple really and no doubt something a lot of Lucy Bee blog readers do already. I make sure I use the best eggs I can get hold of to maximise my Omega 3 intake. Unprocessed whole oats for my porridge and rather than just sweetening with honey (which I still do) I’ll add nuts, seeds, coconut milk, spelt flakes etc. to up the nutritional content.

Porridge & Seeds

My eggs have progressed from plain omelette or scrambled to spinach & pea tortilla, fried eggs with chillies or smoked salmon (wild caught if I can get it so I know it wasn’t grain fed like the farmed stuff, weird!) with my scrambled egg.

Rest days or easy days I might ditch the porridge and either go eggs only or have some German style bread - you know, the mentally dense black stuff, which I have developed a liking for.

I have no hard and fast rules but I’m always thinking along the lines of maximising the nutritional content of my food for a given number of calories. Get a couple of veg in at breakfast, something I had never even thought of before, just makes it easier for things to total up during the day.

Smoked salmon & egg muffins - Copy

All these little changes add up and I feel fuller for longer, can eat less ‘sports’ food on the bike and I’m not so dependent on energy drinks. I don’t have the same dips of tiredness during the day and just generally feel better.

So principally I still drink coffee and eat eggs and porridge but rather than just thinking of it as fuel for my fitness endeavours it has become more about supporting my general health.

Hope 2015 is treating you all well so far, until next time.



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