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Welcome to the Lucy Bee Blog

How Lucy Bee Started

Lucy BeeLucy was eighteen months old when diagnosed with coeliac disease. This is where gluten, from wheat, attacks the gut, damaging the lining of the small intestine. (Gluten is a protein found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species. It’s used as a cheap filler in a lot of prepared food. )

This led the family to healthy eating and the search for a nutritious, balanced diet.


‘The Coconut Oil Miracle’

Coconut Oil MiracleFour years ago a friend from Hong Kong, named Indra, gave them a book called The Coconut Oil Miracle’ by Bruce Fife MD, along with a jar of organic coconut oil.  Since then Lucy and the family have used coconut oil daily for general health.



The New Staple Food

Now coconut oil is the first thing to be reached for when ‘buttering’ bread, frying and baking. You’ll now find it in the mainstream; it’s even available in the cooking oil aisle in Sainsbury’s.

Sourcing the Best

fairtsa-fair-trade-50Lucy Bee Ltd came into being in the search for a premium quality, organic, extra virgin, coconut oil and that oil had to be Fair Trade. Lucy Bee oil is imported from a Fair Trade estate in the Philippines, it’s organic and Virgin cold- pressed. It’s naturally, gluten and lactose free and is vegan and Kosher, too.

Find out the details of how Lucy Bee organic coconut oil is made

Why is it Healthy?


Coconut oil is a saturated fat (60% medium chain triglycerides, MCTs). The MCTs bring the health benefits because they go straight from the digestive tract to the liver where they are likely to be turned into ketone bodies that provide almost instant energy and have a positive effect on cholesterol helping to lower the risk of heart disease.


Coconut oil is highly resistant to oxidation at high temperatures, which makes it perfect for cooking, especially frying. Organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil is very stable and will keep it’s healthy properties for two years or more.

Endless Possibilities

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Jars SmallSince starting the Lucy Bee site the endless possibilities of coconut oil have been exposed, from helping hair growth to aiding athlete’s training regimes and from treating sunburn to making body scrub. Coconut oil is the most adaptable food staple in your cupboard.



Help with a Gluten Free Diet

If anyone in your family has been diagnosed as gluten intolerant then there’s a great site coeliac.org.uk which, offers 6 steps to help undertake a gluten free diet.

Lucy Bee has a very active following on Twitter and a Facebook page for the latest information about using coconut oil and promotions on Lucy Bee.

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Would you mind ordering for me please and I’ll come over about 1:50? Doesn’t matter if food arrives before I do. It’s just so I can eat and chat ! Is that ok? I’ll have the grilled cheese sandwich please. Thanks and hope it’s not a pain xx

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