Lucy Bee and Tess, the Cocker Spaniel

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Lucy Bee and Tess, the Cocker Spaniel

The Benefits of Lucy Bee for Meg’s Cocker Spaniel, Tess

Hi Guys,

This is my dog Tess, the Cocker Spaniel.

Tess is a rescue dog and came to me in quite a bad way. She was very underweight, had been fed a poor diet and her skin was very flaky. Tess’s coat was, also, very coarse with brittle ends which is quite uncommon with a Cocker Spaniel. The coat should be fine, thick and glossy but this was not the case to begin with.

On day one I started a strict diet plan which consisted of a quality dry dog food and a spoonful of Lucy Bee coconut oil, which I increased to twice daily, added to her food. I started slowly with the coconut oil as I didn't want to risk upsetting her stomach. Fortunately, Tess always ate this and seemed to really enjoy it.

Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, Tess began to improve quite quickly. As with us, digestion in your pet is of vital importance, allowing proper absorption of nutrients, which is reflected in overall health. Tess is now fit and full of life. I swear there's isn't a second of the day that her tail isn't wagging!


If you have a snap of your pet with a jar of Lucy Bee, please send it in to us... we would love to see!

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