Lucy Bee Sri Lankan Coconut Oil

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Lucy Bee Sri Lankan Coconut Oil

Guest blog by Sam Hadadi

Sri Lankan Coconut Oil

This month, we’re going nuts for our lovely new bunch of coconuts. Winging its way into our homes from across the globe is our new, Sri Lankan coconut oil.

Coming with our vibrant orange jars, they’re like little rays of sunshine sitting in our kitchen cupboards. And while it has all the premium qualities that you’d expect from us there’s one great difference……….

You see, what many people don’t realise is that coconut oils vary in taste depending on where the coconuts are grown. Yep, coconuts can have varying degrees of richness in flavour – it all comes down to where they’re grown and how the oil is extracted!

Picking coconuts

Most of our fans will say that our classic Philippine and newer Solomon Island Lucy Bee jars are rich and full of coconut flavour. Yet, while the Sri Lankan oil is still unrefined, extra virgin, Fair Trade, organic and raw, it has a much lighter aroma and flavour – it’s a lot less coconutty, if you like, making it perfect for coconut novices.

Why Choose Our Sri Lankan Coconut Oil?

So, why did we decide to expand our coconut oil range? Well, quite simply, we wanted to offer you lovely lot a choice of oils to suit your own individual tastes, while still keeping things as unrefined and as natural as can be.

Use this oil in exactly the same way as our original coconut oil as it’s perfect for baking, cakes, frying foods, roasting your vegetables and meats and spreading on toast – in other words it’s a great replacement for any processed oils and spreads.

We think that this coconut oil is the best you’ll taste out of Sri Lanka and is grown in what’s known as the “Coconut triangle” (the three districts of Kurunegala, Puttalam and Colombo).


However, what makes us especially happy is that our oil is produced on a family-run oil mill and, unusually for Sri Lanka’s male dominated business world, our producer company here is run by a female. Started as a small business in the 80s, it’s since spread and supports lots of local coconut farmers.

As with all of our range, it’s important to us that we give a little something back. That’s why we’ve made sure that our Sri Lankan oil is Fair Trade and can support the very same community who help us to produce such tasty coconut oil.

At the moment our Fair Trade premiums are being collected towards projects such as school scholarships for children.

Being Fair Trade

The Sri Lankan oil mills that we use also pride themselves on treating employees fairly and making sure they stay happy and healthy. There’s plenty of holiday given to staff, hygienic facilities, worker bonuses and lots of safety checks - things which we may take for granted but don’t happen in far too many factories in the Far East.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! Grab one of our new Sri Lankan Coconut Oil jars at Amazon and let us know what you think. Happy eating!

Sam Hadadi

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