Lucy Bee: Ethical Best Buy Coconut Oil

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Lucy Bee: Ethical Best Buy Coconut Oil

Guest blog by Tim Hunt,

Tim is co-editor of Ethical Consumer magazine and here he explains why Lucy Bee was awarded a 'Best Buy' in Ethical Consumer's guide to coconut oil.

Lucy Bee Coconut Oil Voted 'Best Buy'

Ethical Consumer recently named Lucy Bee as a 'Best Buy' in our guide to Coconut oil1.

Ethical Consumer is the UK's leading ethical shopping magazine2 and website. Every issue we publish offers ethical guides to goods and services, from bread to banks, with the aim of identifying products that have the best ethical credentials and Lucy Bee certainly have some of the strongest ethical credentials around.

In each of our product guides our researchers use Ethical Consumer's extensive database to rate the ethical record of both the product and the company behind the product against a number of animal welfare, environmental and human rights criteria3.

Ethical Shopping

By providing this information we help shoppers to decide what to buy and what to avoid and recommend a number of Best Buy products4. Our website now contains ethical shopping guides and recommendations in over 150 product categories.

In a recent issue of Ethical Consumer we published a product guide to coconut oil that examined in detail the ethical record of 16 leading coconut oil brands1.

As a result of our research we named Lucy Bee as one of our Best Buys in this sector.

Lucy Bee: Ethical Coconut Oil

Solomon Island School children benefiting from Fair Trade funds
Solomon Island School children benefiting from Fair Trade funds

So what makes Lucy Bee a Best Buy?

Lucy Bee's genuine commitment to ethics throughout its supply chain is what sees it top our rankings table in the coconut guide, no mean feat in a market where ethical standards are high - all the companies featured on our rankings table are labelled as organic.

Lucy Bee scores well across our entire rating system from environmental reporting to animal rights. In fact, it has the highest score of any company in any market with 18 out of 20.

Lucy Bee has gone a step further than other companies selling organic coconut oil and have also gained Fair Trade certification for their coconut products. It is this double accreditation that really sets Lucy Bee apart from the vast majority of its competitors.

Like all companies which are named as a Best Buy, we invited Lucy Bee to sign up to Ethical Consumer's Best Buy Label scheme.

The 'Best Buy' Label

This is a unique consumer product label scheme that increasing numbers of Ethical Consumer Best Buy recommended companies are using to promote their products and buy logo

Because Ethical Consumer rates both the product and the company behind the product, we believe that this helps shoppers avoid falling for ethical and environmental claims that turn out to be little more than greenwash.

Now you can see our distinctive butterfly Best Buy Label appearing on all of Lucy Bee's coconut oil products and be confident that by choosing to buy Lucy Bee you're making the best possible ethical choice.

You can find out more about how Lucy Bee scored in our ethical ranking system in our guide to coconut oil1.


Here at Lucy Bee we are very proud to have been awarded this ethical Best Buy label. For further reading on how we view our social responsibility, click here.

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