What Can You Get from Your £4.50 Jar of Lucy Bee?

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What Can You Get from Your £4.50 Jar of Lucy Bee?

All This from Your £4.50 Jar of Lucy Bee.

We all know the many ways you can use Lucy Bee Coconut Oil as a product in the kitchen right through to a beauty product. So we thought we would do something pretty random and fun and tell you how many uses you get out of your jar. We have picked some of our favourites in the Lucy Bee office to tell you how much you really get out of that 300 mls of coconut goodness and all for £4.50!

So, Where to Start?

Oil pulling is really big at the moment and if you are a fan of social media I’m sure you’ve noticed many pearly white smiles or funny pulling faces from people who are using sachets (around 14 of these for £20) to oil pull. Well, I have some great news for you….. with a 300ml jar of Lucy Bee you can get 60 teaspoons out of it, and that means you can oil pull 60 times for £4.50 pounds. Amazing right?

Lucy oil pullingLucy oil pulling

Toothpaste - to make your own1, you’d use 50g of coconut oil which would last for 3 weeks for one person. This means your 300ml jar would last for around 18 weeks! This is amazing for keeping gums healthy. I’ve also seen great results when using it for teeth whitening. It makes your teeth feel squeaky clean!

Making toothpasteMaking toothpaste

Make-up remover – you only need max 2 grams to take off your make-up which equals an incredible 150 times! Not only is it an amazing make-up remover, it’s also very nourishing for the skin due to being high in vitamin E and it also contains lauric acid, which has antibacterial properties.

So many beauty usesSo many beauty uses

Cuticle and hand cream  I’d recommend using about 3 grams for this which means you can use it 100 times. It’s nourishing and hydrating for your nails and cuticles, giving them the TLC they deserve.

Cuticle or hand creamCuticle or hand cream

Hair mask - depending on the length of your hair, for medium/long you’d need around 15grams, which means you’d get 20 hair treatments! If you haven’t already, then try it as a hair mask – it really is amazing and results show pretty quickly! Leave on for as long as possible then wash with two shampoos and one conditioner.

Massage in for a hair maskMassage in for a hair mask

In your bath – add a tablespoon (15g) in your bath with Epsom Salts and you’ll get 20 moisturising baths, which is so relaxing. Your skin feels so soft after a hot bath with Lucy Bee and the Epsom salts are a bonus as they’re full of magnesium. Just be careful getting out as it can be quite slippery!!

Relax in the bathRelax in the bath

So that’s beauty pretty much covered but what about in the kitchen? How far will your 300ml jar go?

Pancakes – all you need to cook your favourite pancakes is 5 grams, that’s 60 pancakes! A real favourite here at Lucy Bee and luckily so!

Coconut Flour and Banana Pancakes

Salmon fillet / steak / chicken breast – to fry these you’ll need around15 grams so that’s 20 meals sorted. I have one of these options every evening and knowing I get 20 uses out of a jar is great! Sometimes you may even use a little less, so it’ll go even further. I’ve tried to give you a general guide here.

Spicy turkey minceSpicy turkey mince

Granola – I’d use 80g of Lucy Bee to make enough granola for 12-15 people so my 300ml jar will make enough granola for 45-56 people. Who’s coming round for breakfast? One of my weaknesses is granola – I love all the ways you can have it, such as with homemade almond milk; on top of a smoothie; on its own; or topped on yoghurt to name but a few!

Baking – Obviously this one will vary depending on your baking recipe but an all-time favourite of ours (and also very popular in our brochure) is Raspberry Bakewell Cake2. This uses 150g of Lucy Bee so your 300ml jar will bake you 2 cakes.

A family favourite 'Raspberry Bakewell Cake' A family favourite 'Raspberry Bakewell Cake'

Vegetables and sweet or roast potatoes - 10g is normally all you need to roast these so you can use your jar 30 times. In my opinion, a side dish you can’t go wrong with and a personal favourite at the moment is aubergines and courgettes cooked in Lucy Bee.

Sunday's Roast PotatoesSunday's roast potatoes

Eggs – this is where my journey into coconut oil started when mum fried us all our eggs! You need 3g for one egg which is 100 eggs. Wow, 100 eggs cooked in Lucy Bee - heavenly!

Fried egg and smoked salmonFried egg and smoked salmon

Spread on toast – I use 2g, so that’s 150 times! This is a great alternative for people who are dairy/lactose intolerant! Also makes toast taste delicious!

And of course, we don’t want to forget our four legged friends…..

Your pets - many people give their pet a teaspoon each day with their food. This equates to 60 times – I think our furry friends will be very pleased to know!

Lucy Bee chickensLucy Bee chickens

Not a bad way to spend £4.50 I think! (and don’t forget to reuse3 your jar as well).

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1.Making toothpaste with Lucy Bee

2. Raspberry Bakewell Cake

3. Ideas to reuse your Lucy Bee jars

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