The Latest Craze: Oil Pulling

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The Latest Craze: Oil Pulling

Guest blog by Sam Hadadi

What is This Latest Craze of Oil Pulling?

We all want a dazzling smile, a mouthful of glistening pearly whites. Yet if you’ve not got a celebrity dentist on call (or the budget), there are plenty of ways to improve it.

One of the easiest – and cheapest – ways to boost oral health is through “oil pulling” with our Lucy Bee Coconut Oil. An ancient Ayurvedic dental technique, we oil pull every single day, in addition to our usual brushing and flossing regime. We believe it makes a huge difference to our teeth.

What Is Oil Pulling?

Lucy Bee for Oil Pulling

So, what is it? Well, oil pulling simply involves swirling a teaspoon to one tablespoon of Lucy Bee in your mouth (preferably when you wake up and before you eat) for around 5-20 minutes, whichever works for you. The oil will melt quite quickly once in your mouth.

By swishing the oil around your mouth, the bacteria get caught up and then dissolve in the liquid oil. Goodbye to nasty bacteria!

What Are the Benefits?

If you think it sounds like hassle, or a bit odd, then trust us – we think the benefits are well worth it. It is believed to help whiten teeth and promote oral hygiene.

Since it is said to remove toxins from the body, oil pulling has even been linked to helping with sleep problems, easing headaches, curing hangovers and improving skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Oh, and the best part of oil pulling? It’s incredibly cheap to do with Lucy Bee – our 300ml jar will set you back just £6 and, with that, you’ll get 60 teaspoons of coconut oil. Enough to last you for a few months of pulling!

How Do I Oil Pull?

Oil Pulling amount

Oil pulling couldn’t be easier! Here at Lucy Bee, we simply place a spoonful of our oil in the mouth (coconut oil is perfect for pulling because it contains lauric acid, which is antibacterial) and swish it around for between 5 – 20 minutes. If you struggle with swishing for that long, try starting with 5 minutes and easing your way up.

Once the time is up, spit the oil into the bin (it’s important to avoid the sink as it will solidify in the pipes), then swirl out your mouth with water. Follow up with a brush and good floss, just as you would ordinarily.

Remember to go gently – if you go at it as hard as you would a mouthwash, you’re going to end up with a very stiff, achy jaw – and if you struggle to fit in the time each morning, try multi-tasking. We like to pull while we’re in the shower!

Sam Hadadi


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