How To Avoid Stretch Marks The Natural Way

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How To Avoid Stretch Marks The Natural Way

Guest blog by Sam Hadadi

Stretch Marks, Begone!

Murmur the two words “stretch marks” and I guarantee you’ll send mums, and mums-to-be, into a frenzy. Yep, those pesky purple or white stripes across bellies, thighs, hips and everywhere in-between are the curse of pregnant women across the globe.

Each year, the beauty industry pushes out product after product, promise after promise, guaranteeing to fade these marks away, or banish them completely. While it may make them an absolute fortune, do they stick to these promises? Do they heck!

In fact, you only have to stand next to a group of new mums for a matter of seconds before you’ll hear one of them bemoaning their purplish marks.

Of course, like tigers earn their stripes, women earn theirs through pregnancy and beyond. And while I’m a true believer in celebrating your new and growing shape (what are a few stretch marks when you’re making a baby, really?), that doesn’t mean that I’ll turn down a helping hand in ensuring my skin stays smooth and blemish-free throughout my pregnancy.

Speaking from experience

When I was pregnant with my first boy, I fell victim to the mountains of beauty products promising to help. I rubbed in cocoa butter, massaged in Bio Oil, and then racked up hundreds (yes, really) of pounds on pricier ointments and lotions.

And even though I didn’t develop any stretch marks, afterwards I was horrified. As I went through my bank statements, I was stunned. I couldn’t believe how much I’d actually spent and just how many chemicals I must have slathered on to my body. All for the purposes of vanity.

This time round (I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second boy) and I’m doing things differently. A whole lot differently.

Rather than racking up the bills and covering myself in parabens and nasty chemicals, I’m doing it the natural way. The Lucy Bee Coconut way, to be precise.

Coconut oil - the natural way

You see, while coconut oil may be a fantastic (and much, much healthier) alternative in cooking and baking, it also makes a brilliant staple in my bathroom cabinet.

Not only does it condition and moisturise the hair, take make-up off (don’t believe me? Try it!) and work as a fantastic body lotion, but it also works to prevent and ease the appearance of those pesky little stretch marks.

Due to the medium-fatty-chain acids found in coconut oil, it tends to penetrate the skin on a much deeper level. This means it is absorbed quickly, leaving everything silky soft and smooth.

Since coconut oil is so gentle (I am a big believer in using it on a baby’s delicate skin too), it’s a truly amazing product to rub into the belly during and after pregnancy. I still have no stretch marks this time round (fingers crossed it stays that way) and my skin feels softer than ever before. Smelling like a tropical island always helps boost the mood, too!


So, pregnant ladies and new mums, who’s with me? Let’s ditch those expensive tubs and tubes and slather Lucy Bee across your bumps instead. I promise that you won’t regret it!

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