9 Beauty Products You Can Replace with Raw Coconut Oil

1. Natural moisturiser

Coconut oil works well as a moisturiser for your face and body. Its high in vitamin E which is really hydrating for the skins and helps to nourish it. Try adding a teaspoon to your bath for extra smooth skin!

2. Aftersun

Coconut oil also makes the best all natural after-sun! Don’t worry if it melts in the heat, its completely normal and doesn’t alter its benefits. It feels great after a long day in the sun.

3. Make up remover

Rub some coconut oil gently onto the upper lids and lower lids in a circular motion. Wipe away with a cotton pad gently. No more expensive make up removers!

4. Lip balm

Commercial lip balms are packed with unhealthy ingredients, which is particularly concerning since we put them on our lips. Simply add a tiny amount to your lips and rub gently for glossy lips!

5. Cuticle oil

Apply gently to your finger beds to simply rubbing a small amount of coconut oil into the cuticles will help with moisturising and conditioning, as well as revitalising rough, ragged cuticles and helping soothe painful hangnails and torn cuticles.

6. Deep hair conditioner

Massage through your hair and leave on overnight. This gives your hair a lot of TLC and in the morning wash thoroughly with warm water, two shampoos and one conditioner. Doing this regularly, I’ve seen a great improvement with my hair!

7. Shaving cream

Simply apply a thin layer to the area you want to shave & make sure to use warm water. I find this works really well and the added bonus is that after using it, you don’t need to moisturise because it leaves your skin hydrated.

8. Natural Mouthwash

Nature’s answer to oral hygiene. I find the best way to do this is first thing in the morning. Use a teaspoon of Lucy Bee Coconut Oil and swish it around your mouth in-between your teeth and over your gums for at least 5 minutes. Make sure to spit it out in a bin and not down your drains!

9. Deodorant

Since many deodorants have a lot of unwanted chemicals in them, coconut oil can be a popular alternative for a more natural approach. Why not give it a try?

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Lucy x

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